Add to creae a button in Divi menu

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To add a button in the menu of your Divi theme, you must begin by enabling the "CSS Classes" field in your menu page.

Go in your menu page, and click on "Screen options" to expand the box and check the "CSS Classes" checkbox.

Now, add a new link in your menu like this.

This link is now added to your menu, you need to assign it a css class, we'll use "btnMenuCustom" class.

Now save this menu by clicking on the blue button.

Actually it's just a link, but we'll change it be customizing it with our new ".btnMenuCustom" CSS class.

For this, go in your Divi Theme Options (Divi => Theme options => go to the bottom) and add your following custom CSS code :

If you want to use your own CSS class instead of ".btnMenuCustom , you must change it in the menu and in the CSS code :)

Save and check your website :)