How to customize a template on your WoltLab Suite 3 website

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To be able to customize your site under WoltLab Suite 3, you will need to modify your templates.

To do that, you must follow these steps :

1. Create a template group

Go in your administration, and create a new template group :

2. Choose a template and add it to a new template group

Now this template group is created, select a template to modify, and click the icon to copy it to your new template group.

In the new page, you will have to choose the template group you created earlier. You will also be able to modify the template now !
Once the changes have been made, click on the blue bottom button to save.

3. Enable this new template group on your theme

In order to activate this new template group and see the changes on your website, you must go into the management of your active theme and select this template group as below:

Now you know how to customize the pages of your website under WoltLab Suite 3 by modifying the templates ! :)